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International Buddy

Regulations of international Buddy Program in National Chi Nan University    July of the Republic of China 108 16Adopted at the 519th Administrative Meeting

First, the purpose

In order to provide a friendly campus environment for foreign students studying in our school, help them adapt to campus life and integrate into the local culture, and create more language learning opportunities and international interactive experience for students of this school, and expand their international perspectives and international perspectives. All rights are set by  "Regulations of National Chi Nan University International Buddy Program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations").

2. Application qualifications and service items

(1) Eligibility for application

1. Students in the second year or above of the university department of this school (including postgraduates, excluding overseas exchange students).

2. Good communication skills in English or other foreign languages.

3. Have a positive attitude and enthusiasm for service.

(2) Assistance projects

1. Assist in handling matters concerning the arrival and pick-up of foreign students in Taiwan.

2. Assist foreign freshmen to move into the dormitory, register, and register.

3. Assist in selecting courses using the course selection system.

4. Transmission and contact of various messages within the school.

5. Provide assistance and consultation in daily life for foreign students.

6. Assist in the orientation, cultural experience and networking activities for foreign students.

7. Conduct language exchanges with foreign students.

8. Other matters that will help foreign students adapt to their lives and studies.

3. Service object and assignment method

(1) Service object

1. Foreign degree students of our school (including bachelor, master and doctoral classes).

2. Foreign short-term study exchange students of this school.

(2) Assignment method: In the first semester of foreign students' admission, the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office (hereinafter referred to as the International Office) will take the initiative to arrange an international student partner; starting from the second semester, foreign students will apply according to their needs.

4. Application period and method

(1) The selection of international student partners is handled once in April and November each year. The selection method is mainly written review, and interviews may be arranged when necessary. The documents for review include Chinese transcripts, foreign language certification and other favorable application documents.

(2) Students who pass the selection must cooperate to complete the international partner training activities before the beginning of the next semester, and then obtain the formal qualifications after passing. Those who perform well may stay in office after review and approval by the International Office.

(3) The matching of school companions will be arranged by the International Department after comprehensive consideration of language conditions, department (professional), overseas exchange experience and other factors.

5. Rights and Obligations

(1) Rights

1. International student partners can participate in the student partner meeting, cultural experience activities and related exchange activities organized by the international office for free.

2. International students with outstanding performance will be applied for awards by the International Office in accordance with the school's school regulations each semester.

3. When the International Office handles overseas exchange, overseas volunteering and other international exchange activities, the service certificate and award certificate of the international student partner may be listed as additional points.

4. The international student partner will be issued a service certificate and certificate of appreciation by the International Office every semester.

(2) Obligations

1. International student partners should take the initiative to implement the service items listed in this bulletin and participate in service briefings, training and related activities handled by the International Office.

2. International student partners are voluntary services and do not provide incentives, work-study grants or other subsidies.

3. International student partners should submit the student partner activity record sheet and self-assessment questionnaire.

6. The main points will be announced and implemented after being approved by the administrative meeting.