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International Conference

The main points of the work of the Ministry of Science and Technology to subsidize domestic international academic seminars

(Apply in two steps each year, the first step: March 1-31, the second step: September 1-30)

Item 11, paragraph 4, "If the seminar applied for is a video conference, the participants who participate in the conference by video shall be deemed to have attended the conference in person." Foreign experts and scholars invited by the previous seminar shall serve by video The “speaking” of the lecture or only the “attendance” of the seminar should be determined by the organizer based on the actual implementation facts. If there are facts about the speech, the hourly fee will be set by your institution in accordance with the Executive Yuan"Lecture hour fee payment table"According to the provisions of Annex 4 and Annex 7, the relevant conditions of the lecture shall be considered, and the payment regulations shall be determined by oneself.


Please contact for detailed regulations<Ministry of Science and Technology>
Phone: (02) 2737-7992

Information Customer Service Hotline: (02) 2737-7592
Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:30


In response to the severe and special infectious pneumonia epidemic, the affected subsidy case can be handled according to the handling principle, please refer to the link.

**Principles for handling the case of international exchange, contracting and research (study) subsidies for scientific research talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology in response to the severe and special infectious pneumonia epidemic (Amended on March 19, 110)**

Key points for implementing international academic and educational exchange activities with subsidies from the Ministry of Education

National Jinan International University subsidy to host international seminar application form (updated in 2020)

Approximately 3-4 months of each year, the application is announced, and the application needs to be attached to the relevant documents as follows, and it is necessary to apply for funding from an off-campus unit at the same time

  • Application form
  • Seminar plan book
  • Budget table