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Personnel and Function



Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Professor, Department of Economics

Chia-Yu Yeh

Oversee, coordinate and manage the affairs of office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs

  • Ext.:3650
  • Email:yehchiayu@ncnu.edu.tw


Division of Overseas Chinese Education and Mainland China Affairs


Division of Overseas Chinese Education and Mainland China Affairs

Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism Leisure and Hospitality Management

Sharon F. H. Pang

Supervise and coordinate matters related to overseas Chinese education & mainland China

  • Ext.:3660
  • Email :sharonpang@ncnu.edu.tw


守謙 孟瑜 宇廷


Shou-Shien Yu


Overseas Chinese Students & 

Hong Kong/Macau Students

  • Ext.:3671 
  • Email:yushch@ncnu.edu.tw

Meng-YU Hsu

Contract Assistant

General affairs

Mainland Chinese Students

  • Ext.:3673
  • Email:yuyu@ncnu.edu.tw

Sting Yu-Ting Shih

Project Manager

Coordinating cooperation with

Hong Kong, Macao and China.

  • Ext.:3662
  • Email:yuting@ncnu.com


Division of International Affairs



Division of International Affairs

Associate Professor, Department of Tourism Leisure and Hospitality Management

Tsungpo (Bobson) Tsai

Supervise and coordinate matters related to international programs and students

  • Ext.:3670
  • Email:tptsai@ncnu.edu.tw


陳家瑀 巧芸 函君

Jill Chen


International mobility and cooperation

  • Ext.:3664
  • Email:jillcychen@ncnu.edu.tw

Chiao Liu

Program Manager

Intenational mobility and cooperation

  • Ext.:3666
  • Email:chiaoliu@ncnu.edu.tw

Margaret Tsai

Project Manager

Higher Education SPROUT Project

International student advisor

  • Ext.:3665 
  • Email:hanchun@mail.ncnu.edu.tw



Clare 賴易聖 Esther Hsiao Project Manager

Clare Yang

Project Manager

Managing the Ministry of Education's program on

bilingual education for students and promotion

  • Ext.:3663 
  • Email:yangsuqi@mail.ncnu.edu.tw

Eason Lai

Project Manager

Managing, maintaining and updating

the TJA website and newsletter

Japan regional affairs

  • Ext.:3667
  • Emaillaiyisheng@mail.ncnu.edu.tw

Esther Hsiao

Project Manager

Internationalization Special Chapter Plan

  • Ext.:3668
  • Email:whhsiao@mail.ncnu.edu.tw