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Host Family Program

The main points of the implementation of the host families of foreign students of National Jinan International University   Adopted at the 505th Executive Meeting on November 20, 2007

1. In order to assist foreign students in the life and cultural adaptation of the school, create a warm and friendly learning environment, and strengthen international cultural exchanges, the "National Jinan International University Foreign Student Host Family Implementation Guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the main points) are specially formulated.

2. The applicable students of this key point are foreign students and foreign exchange students with official academic status of the school.

3. Qualifications and Process of Host Family Application
(1) All faculty, staff and community members with enthusiasm for volunteer service and those who want to serve as host families can apply to the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office (hereinafter referred to as the International Office).
(2) Application and review procedure: The applicant fills in the host family application form and submits it to the International Office for review and matching.

4. The nature of the host family and service methods
(1) This host family service is a voluntary service and is an unpaid job. The International Office will issue a service certificate to the host every year.
(2) The reception period is based on the principle of one academic year, but it can be terminated or extended at any time with the consent of the receiving parties and the International Office or under special circumstances.
(3) The reception services provided by the host family are as follows:
1. Proactively contact foreign students when they first arrive at our school, and continue to provide timely care and assistance to support their adaptation to life.
2. Invite foreign students to participate in appropriate family or social activities to expand their interpersonal network.
3. Invite foreign students to participate in festivals or other cultural exchange activities to enhance their understanding of Taiwanese culture.
4. Other matters of assistance provided in accordance with the wishes of the host family.

5. The International Office shall occasionally invite host families and foreign students to participate in networking activities and symposiums to share exchange ideas and experiences.

6. For host families to handle relevant reception activities, the International Office may provide financial subsidies at their discretion. The funds required for this point are covered by the relevant funds of the school.

7. This key point was approved by the executive meeting, and Chen asked the principal to implement it after approval.